Welcome to the webpage of Krezie Sounds!

I’m a Dutch sound designer with a great passion to create synthesizer sounds. My aim is to create synth sounds of the highest quality which not only fit well in your mix, but also are a joy to play!

While I love designing sounds for the full palette of music styles, I have a special place in my heart for the classic and more atmospheric synth sounds. The best synthesizer sounds in my opinion are the sounds which come to life when played; the sounds which are almost an instrument by themselves because keystrike velocity and modulation sources like modwheel, pitchbend and aftertouch really add to the richness and character of the sound and can make you express your feelings in them.

On this site you’ll find my soundworks which I sell, but also some nice free sounds!

If you’re looking for someone to design presets for your synthesizer or project, feel free to contact me!